P. Cutajar & Co Ltd

Temperature Monitoring System For P. Cutajar Delivery Vehicles And Stores

In order to ensure that products reach consumers in optimum condition, P. Cutajar & Co Ltd have installed CyberTrak and CyberCSM for its delivery vehicles and its stores.

With this system, all vehicles are temperature controlled and can be monitored through one central system from P. Cutajar’s Head Office at all times. 

With the deployment of CyberTrak, P. Cutajar have complete command and control of their vehicles; furthermore the same platform enables the company to keep tight control on the temperature of their cold stores thus satisfying HACCP control.  Immediate alerts are sent via SMS and email if any parameter exceeds the acceptable threshold.

P. Cutajar & Co Ltd has been in the importation and distribution business since 1865.  The Company imports and distributes a variety of food and beverage products that come at ambient temperature, chilled and frozen. Products that are stored in ambient temperature still need temperature control since Malta’s temperature gets very hot in the summer months.  All ambient temperature products are stored at P. Cutajar’s warehouse at 18 degrees, and delivered to the stores at this same temperature.