With CyberSRM (Server Room Monitoring), I.T administrators and managers are provided with a real-time monitoring solution with the ability to monitor the status of their server room environment.

Instant notification to problems can save on costly repairs through SMS alerts.

Climate & Power Monitoring

  • AC Status
  • Server Outage
  • Humidity
  • Room Temperature

Security Monitoring

  • Intrusion Sensors: Doors, Motion
  • Smoke Sensors
  • Remote arming and disarming of alarm over the internet (computer/smart phone/ipad)
  • Secure doors to limited personnel and have record of who accessed the room and at what time


We all have fall back facilities such as UPS's and backup generators. They are, however, temporary arrangements designed as stop gaps until the real problem such as a power outage is solved. CyberSRM will instantly advise through an SMS when the UPS kicks in.

All these features come with SMS notification capabilities, sending out instant information if any of the above features start malfunctioning.  All the sensors are logged and can be downloaded though the Cyber.SRM user interface with ease from any Internet enabled computer or smart phone from anywhere in the world.


It can prevent disastrous situations, saving the user loss of equipment or data due to issues such as fire, temperature or even physical intrusion.