CyberTrak has been developed into a flexible and powerful telematics platform. First developed in 2005, it has evolved from a simple vehicle tracking software to a Business Intelligence solution going far beyond its original scope and design. Real time information of speed, location and temperature are just a few examples of this dynamic technology.



With CyberTrak monitoring your fleet becomes a simple matter





Fuel monitoring

Better control of your assets

Enhanced vehicle security


Increased productivity

Visual trail reports

Client tagging & area alerting



Reduced running costs of assets

24/7 Access to your fleet from anywhere

Using assets as time clocks



Some Industries Which use CyberTrak



Whether you provide bus, truck or train services to transport people or goods , a lot of innovation and creative thinking goes into overcoming today’s big challenges. CyberTrak helps your controllers monitor punctuality, refine timetables and manage congestion. It also helps you monitor fuel consumption and the driving behaviour of your drivers out in the field.


Food & Beverage

Whether you are storing, importing, exporting or delivering food and beverages a systematic preventive approach is fundamental to your success. Around the world, millions of supermarkets, shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts, and casinos are constantly being supplied with food and drinks every day. CyberTrak gives you that much needed assurance that the merchandise is delivered on time every time and at the correct temperature.



Due to a variety of laws and regulations regarding the production, testing and storage of drugs, running costs are getting higher and higher every year. The role of pharmaceutical companies is to provide medicinal aid to all society in all the world. The role of CyberTrak is to ensure that quality – from production to delivery, is carefully controlled and maintained. From temperature, humidity and power consumption logging to triggering of alerts and notifications based on user defined rules, you can now understand your production process better. CyberTrak simply does your job faster and better.



Whether you are transporting cash or any other valuables between one point and another, CyberTrak Asset Tracking systems will ensure that you always remain in control. Through constant surveillance and remote monitoring you can now easily protect your assets and those of your clients – from anywhere, at any time. Whether you want to secure your vehicles or know the location of your security personnel CyberTrak allows you achieve this immediately.



Having your fleet monitored 24/7 and being able to take decisions based on the position and status of your asset makes you operate efficiently and thus become more accountable to your clients. Gone are the days when you had to radio or call your driver on his mobile phone to find his current location; with CyberTrak all this information and more is available in an instant. Such pioneering technology gives you that much desired bird’s eye view. You would be literally watching your fleet functioning.



The construction industry deploys heavy expensive machinery which transports expensive building materials from one point to another. Ensuring that the merchandise, being excavation waste or freshly mixed concrete aggregate arrives on time and without any wayside stoppages is paramount. Costs are thus kept to budget and material shrinkage is virtually non-existent. With the information provided by CyberTrak, in real time, efficiency is kept at its absolute maximum.


CyberTrak allows the Vassallo Group to operate more efficiently and effectively by providing real time information to its logistics departments and is therefore considered an indispensable tool.
— Eusebio Muscat - Vassallo Group, Group Purchasing Manager