CyberCSM monitors the level of temperature inside a building, room, store or fridge. The temperature readings are stored for later retrieval and reporting and also alerts the owners/administrators if certain pre-set conditions are exceeded. 



With CyberCSM monitoring your temperature controled areas becomes a simple matter





Safety of pharmaceuticals

Food safety (HACCP compliant)

Increased productivity


Reduced running costs of assets

Better control of your assets

Business liability protection

No for daily manual temperature logging

Business driver for improving standards

Enhanced process control and reporting


CyberCSM is delivered as a fully integrated system which excludes any third party applications. Extra sensors can also be added to monitor other parameters like power supplies, flooding or even the opening/closing of doors or gates. Fire sensors can also be plugged into the system together with Passive InfraRed Detectors (PIR) for intruder notification. All alerts and notifications are SMS enabled for faster response to an operating issue.