Insurance Telematics is here to stay. New practices are being developed every day to ensure that the product is streamlined. The diversification puts the client at the center of User Based Insurance (UBI) whilst helping to keep claims at a minimum


A telematics device is installed, which records the speed, distance covered and drive habits. The information is used by the insurance company to asses the drivers habits, giving them bonuses for safe driving and low mileage. The system can be accessed by the driver at any point in time via an app or website, and the driver will also be alerted when violations take place or low mileage is reached.



CyberUBI is a software overlay on Cybertrak, our best selling telematics product.

It has been successful in developing a successful business model for GasanMamo Insurance, called BOOSH.


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Boosh, gives young drivers, who are under 25 years old, an instant 65% discount on their car insurance, the independence and freedom of having their car insurance policy issued in their own name enabling them to start earning No Claims Discount from day one. With this app anyone insured under the Boosh scheme will now have in hand a user-friendly application to track their driving performance whenever they wish.



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