CyberRMS is an in-house built software which optimizes business’ profitability. The aim is to expedite orders from the table to the kitchen and back, while giving the outlet complete portion control through a hand held system. It is a fully operational standalone package which may even be operated without the hand held system.


Some of the advantages that this software provides are the following:


  • Ability to clearly translate the order from the waiting staff to the kitchen via a hand held device, thus avoiding costly use of paper and loss of time interpreting the correct order due the illegibility

  • Can be used without a hand held device

  • Could be used as a punch clock

  • Orders are carried out in a timely fashion

  • Control over food portions and timely depletion of inventory thus ensuring the perpetual possibility of an accurate stock count

  • Possibility of credit/ debit payments

  • Table turn-over and revenue while optimising and streamlining the business organization, workflows and resource planning.

Not only is the system easy, fast, and seamless, but it’s truly an all-in-one solution.
— Kevin Attard, Giorgio's Cafeteria, Frescos Cafe & Restaurant

In today's highly competitive restaurant industry, efficient inventory management and seamless adoption of new state-of-the-art technologies are key to lowering costs and increasing productivity. At Cyberpass we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater specifically to the needs of full-service restaurant businesses.