Boosh – Good Driving Rewarded

GasanMamo has partnered up with Cyberpass to create Boosh. For many 18 to 24 year olds, getting insured and paying for their car insurance is seen as an extra burden. GasanMamo Insurance, the leading motor insurer in Malta is launching a new scheme which will give those in the 18 to 24 age bracket an instant 65% discount on their car insurance and the independence and freedom of having their car insurance in their own names whilst earning their own no claims discount from day one.

More recently a smartphone app was released  for those young drivers who are currently benefiting from Gasanmamo's Boosh insurance product. The Boosh app provides real time information on driving performance and includes important reminders as well as visual charts aimed at helping you improve your driving score.  You can search for alerts received by date and can see a full history of your driving performance and policy renewals.  Easy access to important contact details for emergency services, accident reporting and roadside assistance is provided within the app plus a direct link to contact GasanMamo about any problem encountered. The application is easy to install, and can even be linked with your Facebook page.

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