Asset Tracking Solutions

Our innovative, in-house built Asset Tracking Solutions have the flexibility to track the movement of any physical asset required by any business. Check out some of our ready available solutions below.


Vehicle Tracking System

Monitor the vehicles in your fleet on a live map from any internet enabled device. Find out how fast each vehicle is going, where it stopped and for how long. Check out the route, who’s driving, its fuel consumption and the goods being carried..and more.

Server Room Monitoring

Server rooms are an expensive and a vital area of modern day businesses and a malfunction can lead to loss of trade and in turn costly returns.With CyberSRM I.T administrators and managers are provided with a real-time monitoring solution with the ability to monitor the status of their server room environment.



Cold Store Monitoring

CyberCSM monitors the level of temperature inside a building, room, store or fridge. The temperature readings are stored for later retrieval and reporting and also alerts the owners/administrators if certain pre-set conditions are exceeded. 

Usage-Based Insurance Platform

Insurance Telematics is here to stay. New practices are being developed every day to ensure that the product is streamlined. The diversification puts the client at the center of User Based Insurance (UBI) whilst helping to keep claims at a minimum. 


Restaurant Management System

CyberRMS is a software which optimizes business’ profitability. The aim is to expedite orders from the table to the kitchen and back, while giving the outlet complete portion control through a hand held system. It is a fully operational standalone package which may even be operated without the hand held system.